Preparing for GOODBYE

As all of YOU know, my mission is about to end.

I made this little blog post because I want to explain what is going to happen with my Twitter account and with the blog, after I leave.


Starting Friday (January 15th 2010), I will say goodbye to each and every single one of YOU by DM. As soon as I send that DM, I will UNfollow the recipient. I’m not doing this to make anyone upset, I will just do it because I don’t want to leave with unreplied DMs.

Keep in mind that even if I’m not following YOU, we can still tweet. Please don’t say “Goodbye” to me on Twitter. Saying “Goodbye” publicly will only make your and my followers upset. For everyone who wants to leave me a “Goodbye” message, I will open a post in this blog on January 18th 2010.

The @mjawakening Twitter account will soon be deleted.


The will remain online, with a read only format. The blog will NOT be deleted.

Starting Friday (January 15th 2010), the comments sections of each post will progressively be closed.

On January 18th 2010, this Dove will leave a personal “Goodbye” message in the blog and the comments section will be open should YOU choose to leave a “Goodbye” message too. This message is not part of my mission and it wasn’t planned in advance. However, after all the L.O.V.E. I received from each and every single one of YOU, I feel compelled to leave a little something from me (my own words) in this blog.

For those of YOU who are wondering… “What’s going to happen after January 18th 2010?”, the answer is… WE’LL CROSS THAT BRIDGE WHEN WE COME TO IT.


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