Game Time! S.U.N. acronyms

THANK YOU!!!!!!!

For the wonderful, creative, beautiful, touching and funny acronyms you came up with!

These are the ones who were tweeted or dm’ed at Twitter (in no particular order):

23galadriel Sneezing…Umbrella Needed!

GeorandginaΒ SUN= simply universal nature.

fdlstxx Sing Uplifting Nightingale

DreamChild777 ~*~S.U.N. = Stars Undoing Nonsense..?~*~S.U.N. = Standing Under Neverland…?~*~S.U.N. = Start Understanding Nature..?~*~

Ericaasquinomjj S.U.N= sweet .unique. and i donΒ΄t know..hahahhaha

upanov SUN = Soul Uses Nature

ItzAll4Love Okay got a good one now. S.U.N = Spiritually United Nations What do yah think of that one? πŸ™‚

DreamChild777 S.U.N. = Soiled Undies…..NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!~ πŸ™‚ ~*~giggle!~*~ πŸ™‚

upanov SUN = Smooth Unreality Now ))

DreamChild777 ~S.U.N. = Stop Unfair Newspapers…?~ πŸ™‚

DreamChild777 ~ S.U.N. = Stop Udder-Abuse Now!~

ItzAll4Love Ouuu!…I got one! S.U.N = Sacred.Unique.Niche! πŸ˜›

dyanne_me START Undressing NOW ;))

DreamChild777 ~S.U.N. = Stop Undressing….NOW!!~ πŸ™‚ ~*~giggle!~*~ πŸ™‚

abelroadaudion S.U.N = Sunshine United Nation

upanov SUN = Support Us Now :-))

upanov SUN = Something Unreal Now !!! :))

fdlstxx …all the while Spreading Unforgettable News

fdlstxx Seekers Unravel Necesssary Sheer Utter Nonsense Seeing the Universal Nature of Seemingly Unstoppable Noodles of Seven Understanding Nymphs

Tinsleydarling S.upport and U.nderstand N.omatterwhat

upanov SUN = Smile Unhitch Never

dyanne_me Search Under Nothing (and you’ll find everything)

Serenitys_Dream S.U.N. = Solifidianism Ubiquitarianism Notandum

teparris S.U.N = Society Unite Now

DreamChild777 ~*~ S.U.N. = Snufflupagus United Now…?~*~S.U.N. = Swimming Under Nachos…?~*~S.U.N. = Start Up Now..?~*~

VoxPopuli411 in ode to the cold weather winner: Sumo Underwear Needed!!!

KajaGirl09 here’s one….Smiles Unify Nations

Serenitys_Dream S.U.N. = Sympathy Understanding Nuturing

pretrainee Ok, one more simple one. Stand UP Now. πŸ˜‰

Serenitys_Dream S.U.N. = Something Unique Nears

DreamChild777 S.U.N. = Share Understanding Now~*~S.U.N. = Stand United Now~*~S.U.N. = Send Us Noodles…??~ πŸ™‚

nellyka7 Nothing, and this one is just for kicks- Sexy Undercover Ninjas. [:

nellyka7 Showing Unconditional Narnia, Surprisingly Understanding-

23galadriel Stop Unbearable Negativity!

23galadriel Smooth Undercover News

Kylie_0204 S.U.N……Summon Unity Now

upanov smiling usually normal

Adi2105 Seek Ultimate Niceness

VoxPopuli411 Surviving Unrelenting Nefarious……..Surrendering Useless Nobility…..Suffering Useless Nonsense

VoxPopuli411 MORE GAMES PLEASE! Sumo Undergarments Needed!!!

SMALLWORLD2009 :}:}Singing (Songs) Unite(s) Nations~Sing Until Nightime~Seconds Until Normal~Signs Uncover Nothing~Someone’s Unknown Need

SMALLWORLD2009 :} Someone Understands Neverland Sunshine Upsets Negativity Signs Under Night Softness Unites Nations Symbols Uncover Names Short Unexpected Note

VoxPopuli411 Subconsciously Unlace Nuances Swooning Unknown Nipponese

VoxPopuli411 Some Undiscovered Neanderthal Synchronize Unity Now Seafaring Ukulele Nerd Shakespeare Unites Naturally

fdlstxx Sweet Unbridled Nourishment….Nurturing….Nature

BroughtToLife7 Sun Umbrella Needed (Yes, I opened the “Ridiculous” Brain Gate )

BroughtToLife7 Seclusion Under Need

BroughtToLife7 Stand Up Now (i’m running out of possibilities, boy..)

Earthsong1987 Thinking about Earthsong…..S.U.N. can mean Start Understanding Nature or Support Universal Nature…they sound like Michael’s words.. πŸ™‚

msmuffett45 spiritual unfoldment network, Sensing to Understand, Schools Uniting Neighborhoods, Spiritual United Nation

msmuffett45 Surat Utang Negara (Indonesian: sovereign bond, Sun Valley/Hailey, ID,Seattle Urban Nature, Seniors United Nutrition

msmuffett45 S.U.N, Sunday, Sunoco, Stanford University Network, Southern Utah News, Saskatchewan Union of Nurses, Surat Utang Negara

BroughtToLife7 Sapientia Utilitas Niteo (Latin) “Wisdom is usefull to shine “

BroughtToLife7 Sunshine Unfolds Nature

BroughtToLife7 Share Unfolds Nirvana – See Undivided Nations – Spread Unifying News –

LoveIsHisName SUN – Stop Using Numbers (kidding…hehehe) aaa…Stand Up Nation…

msmuffett45 Students United for Nature, S.U.N

faith1712 Save Undernourished Nations

franciscajs Stand Up Now

Serenitys_Dream S.U.N. = Seek Uninhibited or Unconditional Nirvana

upanov So Unfortuned News (S.Wonder cried ) 😦

Airunri S.U.N Soon Unificated Nations

iLOVEuTruly S.U.N = Silence Upon Nightmares πŸ™‚

Kasmie S.ongs U.nify N.ature

upanov someone uses neverland πŸ™‚

DreamChild777 ~ S.U.N. = Save Unity Now~*~S.U.N. = Stand Up Now~*~ OR…S.O.N. =Soldier Of Neverland~ πŸ˜‰

daydreamerx777 I made up one ~S.O.L~ solder of love

MJIsAlive09 sweetness understanding niceness???? lol

ZellaGreeen SUN-Someone Uniting Nations

ZellaGreeen SUN-Skills U Need

JadeHealTWorld Searching Unlimited Naturalness

DreamChild777 ~How About This One : S.U.N. =Selflessly United Nation….?~ πŸ™‚

DreamChild777 ~S.U.N. = Solid Unification Neverending!~ πŸ™‚

HelloGameTime I think it’s something like: Secrets Unveil Now

weeping_dolphin S.U.N. = See Unbelievable News!

4evermichael71 S.U.N. Seek Unity Now

ZellaGreeen Soul of the Ultimate

upanov SUN = supply unique nation

upanov SUN=secrets understandable now πŸ™‚

andrea_garay200 See Unbelieable Nonsense

andrea_garay200 Save Unappreciated Nature (Sorry for my english)

andrea_garay200 Severly Unhappy Now…….that you ain’t here Michael!

witchjo11 Soon Universal/Unique Nation!

MJsTinkerbell7 S.U.N = Sunlight Unified Nature

MJsTinkerbell7 S.U.N = Salvation United Now

upanov SUN=Sleeping Under Narcotics )))

dyanne_me Stop Using Narcotics

shadowtears SUN > Staring Unto Nothingness…. sorry, it sounds

4evermichael71 S.U.N. Sphere Universe Nature…What we must take better care of before it’s too late.

pretrainee Salvation Understanding Necessary

pretrainee Stand Up Nations

pretrainee Start United Nations

witchjo11S.U.N. See Under Noise, but I just awake…other 1-2 hours and I find more!!! Siamo Uno Noi .. ahahha in italian

Angelcdp Soul Unveils Nature~Satisfaction Underestimates Nothing~Scorn Understands Nothing~Secret Underground Network~Safe Until Now

Angelcdp oh fun! How about “Shines Until Night” “Secret Underground News” “Sacred Utopian Nation” “Secret Urges Noticed” …

minpinlover44 Sincerity Understands Needs

minpinlover44 Simplicity Unites Nations

minpinlover44 Souls United Necessary

minpinlover44 Smiles Undermine Negativity

minpinlover44 Special Unions Needed

minpinlover44 Special Undertakings Noticed

Adi2105 Stop Ugly Negligence

abbey_dahling or a more positive one!: Sanguine ubiquity nonetheless

Serenitys_Dream S.U.N. = Souls Universally Naissant

abbey_dahling Savagery Usurps Neverland

dyanne_me Smiling Unifies Nations

Mysterious44 Show Up Now

Serenitys_Dream S.U.N. = Spiritually United Naturally

Serenitys_Dream S.U.N. = Spiritually Unified Natures

AutumnPagoda S.U.N. Support Understand Nurture (Not too good at this… πŸ˜› )

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WinnerS and honorary mentions will be posted soon.

Nonetheless, you are ALL winners! You know that, don’t you?


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